Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Greetings from The Pixel Framer!

It's been a few months since you have heard from us and we have LOTS of exciting news to share with both our Scrapbooking and IMVU designers! First, we have a new collection of sticker resources that you can use for both your scrapbook pages but also as a base for IMVU Stickers. Here are a few examples with many more in the store and even more being added each week.

TPF Sticker Collections

Siamese Cat Stickers Horus Statue Giraffe Stickers

Have you wanted a fast and easy way to create a digital scrapbook layout? ScrapBook MAX! is a leader is Digital Scrapbook creations software. Why, because it is very affordable, easy to use, comes with over 400 MB of content, allows you to import your own graphics, AND exports to standard graphics formats, email attahcments, video, screensavers and MORE! We have not found a better platform for both Novice and experienced users. Visit their forums for TONS of freebies and a great community. In addition, their support is outstanding! All this for less than $40!

Scrapbook MAX! Software

Scrapbook MAX! Classic Scrapbook MAX! Wedding Scrapbook MAX! Baby

The deal of a LIFETIME! The Pixel Framer Membership program is designed to reward our family of regular shoppers with Free Lifetime Downloads of products. Once you purchase your membership you will see a Members Only checkout option that will record you new purchases and provide a download link.

A Lifetime Membership to the PIXEL FRAMER

TPF Membership Card

Download ALL of the scrapbook elements on our site for FREE Forever! Click here for details!

That's all the news for now, we hope you enjoy our offerings for Valentines day!!

Happy Creating!
The Pixel Framer

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